• Ciarán attempts to navigate Bosnian Politics

    Previously in Europe, Hugh. This week Ciarán is on his lonesome talking the BiH 2018 general election. Oh god. What?! Oh no!

  • This Ain't Your Dad's Latvian Conservative Party!

    Previously in Europe, Borders. This week we talk about the recent Latvian election and the whole thing with Serbia swapping land with Kosovo, and why that won’t happen anytime soon.

  • A Nightmare on Coalition Street

    Previously in Europe a suspiciously Italian Argentina . This week we return and catch up on the horrors of the nightmare coalition in Italy. They’ve been up to some things which… wow.. yeah..

  • Are you afraid of the Far-Right?

    Previously in Europe, extradition treaties. Do people remember “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” does that reference scan? Anyway, on this episode, we discuss the sexuality of some Russian assassins, some idiots who don’t know that Starship Troopers is a cautionary tale about Fascism and more importantly our topic is how real is the rise of the far-right. Fun stuff!

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