Recent Episodes

  • Faroe Islands and Other Storíes

    Previously in Europe Topics. On today's episode, we have a lighter episode of fun smaller stories to escape the horrible reality of murder and Brexit.

  • We have nothing to FYROM but FYROM itself

    Previously in Europe FYROM. On today's episode, we look at Greek politics mostly, Hugh explains something very important and complex about modern Greek politics while Ciarán deep dives into the Greek Communist party's past. Man the Balkan Wars sure were a trip.

  • Mysteries of the Italian Left

    Previously in Europe military micro influencers. This week we check in on Italy's government again but via a discussion of the Italian left in the form of the PD and their weird origins.

  • 2018 is dead, long live the 2019 EU Election

    Happy new years you gorgeous souls, on this weeks episode we talk about the upcoming EU Election.

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