• All Pipelines Lead to Russia

    Previously in Europe Salvini's girlfriend. This week we discuss the annual questionable displays at Poland's independence celebrations and the Nord Stream 2, Russia's favorite geopolitical legitimate business venture.

  • The Anti-Death Party

    Previously in Europe, mailbags. This week we discuss the messages we’ve received from some of our lovely listeners and also the Irish presidential election because we’re Irish and we can’t help ourselves apparently.

  • Italian Budget Tirade

    Previously in Europe a realistic description of European Commission oversight powers. This week Ciarán is away so Hugh gets to complain about coverage of fiscal matters without any checks or balances - much like the governments of the eurozone…

  • Green Waves?

    Previously in Europe, pirates in Luxembourg. This week we discuss the Bavarian elections results which show us that there may or may not be a green wave in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. It also may or may not matter!

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