Recent Episodes

  • It's all kickin' off in the Balkans!

    On today's episode, we talk mostly about the various mass protest movements happening in Albania, Serbia and Montenegro as well as smaller things kicking off in Ukraine and Croatia. Also, cheer up Guy!

  • Cryptographically Secure Renaissance

    On today's episode, the Estonian election and Macron's cool guy big message for Europe. Ciarán is not sold. Hugh thinks the Estonian electoral system is interesting for some reason.

  • Is the EPP Hungary for Orbán?

    On today's episode, we talk mostly about the EPP slowly admitting they realise Orbán's a bit shit. We also talk about a weird La Lega funding scandal, that seems very legit if you ask me.

  • Hack Direct Demoracy for #AntiSemitism

    This week we discuss the crumbling nightmare of the 5 Star party's online direct democracy "platform" and the fun that is

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