Recent Episodes

  • I don't Believe Anything Sanchez is Saying

    It's a solo episode with mem, CiarĂ¡n! Enjoy my take on the current government formation in Spain, which just seems like the PSOE has kinda reluctantly stumbled into the correct decision.

  • Bonus Episode: Reform Europe

    Our Patreon bonus episode on how to reform the EU. First we discuss the much touted Macron reform and then explain why they're lazy. The we have our own list of short and long term noodlings.

  • A Terrible Election with a Terrible System

    This week we discuss the garbage that is the Greek elections, oh boy this electoral system is a hot mess. In our "No Elections Left Behind" section!

  • The Spitzenkandidat was an Illusion

    This week we discuss the hot mess that has been the squabbling and horse trading over EU top jobs. It's a bad look

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