• The Nightmare Coalition Cometh & The Beachy Mountains of Bulgaria

    Previously in Europe, forced arbitration. This week we discuss the new burgeoning Italian Nightmare Coalition and the leaks involved. Additionally, the Balkan Summit happened where Macron’s and Brussels vision of Europe come to a head, but in like the most gentle diplomatic way possible.

  • Who Says the EU Budget Isn't Fun?

    Previously in Europe, Technocrats. This week we discuss the many fun facets of the EU budget… or the multiannual financial framework… it’s confusing.

    Additionally the Czech president sort of raises the possibility they were the reason the UK and Russia aren’t getting along so good… and oh Italy may have a government, sort of, we’ll see…

  • Armenia is in Europe, Fight Me!

  • Windrush is Too Nice a Name

    Previously in Europe, Ciarán. This week Hugh does a solo episode while Ciarán is away ranting about the Windrush scandal in the UK. Finally a non-Brexit scandal in Westminster to talk about… if only it weren’t so horrifying.

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