Previously in Europe is a weekly podcast following news and politics across Europe.

Hugh and Kieran casually discuss the big events of Europe from Athens to Oslo, Paris to Zagreb

We also try to cover stories which have had less coverage in the English language press. A big motivation for starting the podcast was our annoyance at the skewed nature of mainstream press coverage of European events, including internal EU happenings. The ‘but how does this relate to your country’ nature of a lot of coverage makes sense; however we like to try see things from the perspective of the local population and Europe as a whole.

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Kieran Dold

A designer/comedian with a weird obsession with EU politics, political opinions range from centre-left social democracy to full anarcho-communism who wishes to destroy the state and capitalism (depending on blood sugar levels). I enforce the “No Election Left Behind” rule (you’re welcome Liechtenstein) and the Eurovision definition of Europe (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan! Israel and Australia is pushing it though). Generally believes in further EU integration that directly benefit individuals and while I’m not a massive Eurovision fan, I’m certainly an obnoxious Eurovision fan.

Hugh O’Brien

Software developer and PhD student in medical imaging. A psychology degree lives in my back pocket. Interests include misunderstandings of basic statistics in the media and complaining about what is and isn’t valid news.

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