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Podcast Scope

A Matteo Renzi podcast for those who run the personality death cult fetishising Renzi’s record as PM of Italy…

The scope of the podcast is to cover events and causes relevant to a European progressive outlook. Basically is positive change happening, if not why? Especially for 2020 what can look like or is being portrayed as positive change may not actually be that.

We do not cover terrorism.

We do not exclusively cover the Brussels Bubble

We cover certain elections and not others.

Things that need explaining

The importance of national elections in countries that are small or don’t seem like they’d be important have 2 main reasons for needing attention:

They’re a good barometer for political mood in a country at a snapshot of time.
They matter in terms of balance in the EU council and likeness for pan-european movements/projects to progress (e.g. a new veto government could stop any refugee progress made or remove current blocks)

European level alignments is sometimes important and often a handy shorthand. The parliament isn’t as strong as some in Brussels would like to imply, but it's also not irrelevant (which detractors would prefer to imply). What up with the current balance:

Different systems of government in Europe.
Parliamentary as default
Unicameral v bicameral
French Presidential system
Two round voting

Things coming up in the year 2020

What up with Brexit?

What up with Ushi’s old “Green Deal”?


Worth Note:

Polish Prez
Icelandic Prez
Belarussian Prez
Greek Prez*Moldova Prez
Tense Situations

Fun continued times of competition, mergers and Macron’s desire for EU wide monopolies

Technical arguments over taxing mostly digital mega-corporations and how that has a very clear negative impact on discussions over fair pay, worker representation and tax evasion

The world eroding balance of the european grand coalition failing on big issues:
Again climate
Middle east tensions being mishandled in some way