This week we discuss the new Austrian government coalition, it might be fine but it's more likely to be the centre-right's new strategy to consume and hijack the green wave.

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## Also happening

### Austrian Government Formation

### Green is good?

Queue Gordon Gecko meme...

So how has this affected Kurz's politics?

Kurz on doing the media rounds made it clear he mainly cares about migration and that's his focus. He also made sure to shit on those helping migrants in the Mediterranean by saying they cause more deaths than they prevent. One NGO called him "baby hitler" based on the Bild interview he did.

More recently he's launched right into headscarf ban talk -

The idea that you can say nobody will become a migrant due to climate and there's probably just money to be made at home isn't completely new but he's got a Green party on board...

He is very clear that "neither party had to negotiate down their core platform" - meaning he didn't give up anything but also trying to tap down any suggestion of the Green's giving up too much.

### This would work elsewhere?

This is partly a numbers game but also is being used to soften Kurz's image. The far right think he's one of them (with good reason) and similar to the new Greek government, his party is still maintaining their "moderate" status for some reason. From the FT:

"The pact has been touted as a possible template for moderate conser­va­tives trying to hold power elsewhere in Europe. "

Indeed this was echoed in many outlets across the continent with particular mention of Germany where this is a very real possibility.

Also Donald Tusk tweeted:

"The Austrian coalition is something more than just a tactical success of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. It is an important guideline for all the EPP. Climate protection and the protection of our planet, this is, for us Christians, the eleventh commandment. Australia warns!" (

### The OVP control everything basically

Greens get vice Chancellor, justice and an increased climate change ministry.... OVP get everything else effectively.

Kurz is going around stressing their election pledges to cut taxes and reform welfare system/labour laws is going ahead. So very pro increased economic growth by any means... which in now way would negatively impact any green policies