This week we discuss the Romanian presidential election results a little late and the brain dead state of NATO (for like 20+ years)

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No Election Left Behind

Romanian Presidential Election

<hr )/><h2>That Would Be Nice</h2><h3>NAT-NO</h3><p>NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is stupid… There.. that’ll teach ‘em</p><h3>Macron is sort of on point…</h3><p>Macron is being whiney… But also has some good points. If you ignore the American imperialism angle, what exactly is the point of NATO?</p><p>Is it to defend eastern Europe from invasion? Cool, well you’re not doing that. The Ukraine membership process wasn’t finished but a refusal to help with that seems arbitrary at best.</p><p>Is it to only ever do something when everyone agrees? Well no.. because then the US just does whatever it wants anyway inc. drone strikes, actual invasions (iraq), weapon’s sales (looking at you US, UK and Germany) for ongoing wars NATO wants no part of…</p><p>On the other hand Macron was mainly complaining about not focusing on terrorism in sub Saharan Africa</p><p></p><p><a )href=”www.theguardian.comhref=”www.eurotopics.netis trying to create a weird decision between NATO and any EU cooperation… I’m assuming from his American friends?</p><p></p><h3>Summit )good opportunity to be mean to Trump</h3><p>UK commentators are obsessed over how it affects the election since trump is so unpopular and gives them those sweet sweet eyeball money. Also that hot mic thing</p><p></p><p><a )href=”www.politico.eudoesn’t Orange Man say is bad?</h3><p>Well.. yes.. sort of.. but in the way he says everything is bad until someone tells him it’s useful to him or an avenue to get leverage. In the US the pro NATO crowd have migrated to the Democrats because of Trump, but his few “establishment” people like it too. It’s also a great vector to try force other countries to increase military spending when their populations don’t want to do that…</p><p>It was and is still an avenue for the US to try bully smaller countries into signing onto their agenda. Before the break up of the USSR NATO was in effect a defence pact with coordination, which is in theory fine. Since then it’s</p><p> )</p>