Pedro Sánchez is a very clever boy who neglected to realise the Spanish people didn't want 4 elections in 4 years


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No Election Left Behind

Spanish Elections

Just keep repeating “Sanchez is weak on Catalonia”

The narrative from the C’s consistently since April’s election was that Sanchez wasn’t to be trusted with not allowing Catalonia a real referendum and I don’t know… beating the already imprisoned leaders? Hunting down the rest harder..?

Everyone on the right jumped on board during the debate. Vox claimed it was a coup…


Meanwhile 350k people protested in Barcelona for independence during the King’s visit… so that’s cool

Didn’t we just do this?

Yes! Sanchez was being congratulated at his immense victory in April:

“Spain’s shattered right hands Sánchez victory” - euronews

“The Spanish Election Is a Triumph of Logic” -

“Sánchez’s victory is a victory for Europe” -

So how’s that going now?

Well… Vox is now a going concern with a substantial number of seats and has very much been normalised

eurotopics summary new statesman

Is there… good news?

Yes! There’s apparently going to be a government!