This week we discuss Spain's upcoming election and how we got here. I blame everyone, but especially you.

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Show Notes

Also Happening

The great disappointment of Pedro Sanchez

¡Mi nombre es pedro sanchez y soy una decepción!

I hear that Sanchez and read a poll

Sort of... he's banking on another version of this same negotiation where he has a few more seats and can have a slightly different version of the same argument with Podemos?

...or the horrible possibility of the Cs coming around to Sanchez?

Maybe not - "Rivera offered his party’s abstention in any forthcoming investiture debate if the PSOE promised not to increase taxes, ruled out pardoning the 12 Catalan leaders on trial for their role in the 2017 attempt at winning independence and rejected the support of secessionists in the Navarra region." (

Maybe )it's just to punish the PP more.

Or to have negotiations with Podemos in a setting where they would actually have a majority? (

###Caretaker )government in charge of important shit

In early October we have the Catalan trials and in late October we have Brexit

###Opinions on the ground

Because no one's mind has changed many Spaniards are annoyed by the cost of the election being run.

Casado thinks the Cs are the aggressive ones on the right...

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