This week we discuss the problem children of the proposed von der Leyen commission and whether or not we deserve this...

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Show Notes

Have you considered...

The von der Leyen Commission

The Politico Europe org chart is good to get an overall view of hierarchy )I count: EPP 9 S&D 10 Renew 6 ECR (because Poland) 1 Greens/EFA: 1(sort of... we'll get to that) They also did a good short summary when they were originally announced:

So )some of these are bad, can they be rejected?

Well... so they can pull themselves out of the running. Which has happened in the past, but...

The parliament votes on the commission as a whole, not on each commissioner. So they have the "hey stop gunking up the process" argument against them. To vote against you have to have to think the people you don't like are worth voting against the whole thing

There )are some problem children

Poland's nominee is reportedly under investigation

For irregularities in his spending as an MEP according to Der Spiegel ( )Apparently in the 5 digits range.. so... oof

Josep Borrell

I'll just leave this here -

Also )he's the only angry one in their class photo -

Margaritis )Schinas

This is gross on many levels... one would Greece of had such a high position if they didn't just get a far to the right government? Vice president is a big deal and they sure did hate old Tsipras. So probably not...

Also "Vice-president for Protecting our European way of life". The fuck? He's going to be in charge of migration policy.

Junker is unimpressed:

France )and Sylvie Goulard

She was one of the MoDem people who resigned over a spending scandal while she was an MEP from the Marcon administration. She was also apparently being paid by an American think tank