This week we discuss Ireland and the litany of disasters that is its current government but ignore that, look at Varadkar’s socks.

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Show Notes

Also happening…

Irish Government

Long discussion and coverage in the Irish times both in articles and podcasts regarding how Varadkar appears reasonable, has chill body language and is generally very organised compared to Johnson on his visit on Monday…

So relatively gushing praise for a minority government leader of an unpopular government…

Recentish (May) polling has the Government approval a little above 30% and in March it was at 38%.

Varadkar is consistently higher than that… (mid 30s-40)

Politico has voting intention polling aggregate for Fine Gale at 26% in second..

So why is the government in place exactly?

The list of ongoing scandals is long and would be the kind of things that would have long since forced a government down:

  • There’s a scandal over a report from the data protection commissioner that the government is ignoring probably illegal requirements to get an ID card (for which people are getting denied) and additionally not being GDPR compliant with the handling of the data after identity had been proven… The minister claims they have legal advice saying otherwise… cool

  • BusConnects

  • Cervical checks

  • National Broadband Plan… ( )- cost overruns and problems with tendering the plan

  • National Children’s Hospital: various problems and cost overruns

  • Both of which are broadly part of Ireland 2040 which is generally been a shitshow in many ways

  • Maria Bailey Wine Swing Scandal -