This week we discuss the Brexit thick word soup and why the UK needs reform of everything instead.

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Show Notes

Also happening…

That Leaving the EU thing

With a heavy heart we have been forced to return to that thing we usually ignore because nothing happens with it.

There’s a funny article in Foreign Policy that seems to argue the strength of the Italian President as a political figure is the reason Italy is super okay now and the UK is not… so like… it’s the systems fault?

Umm.. I guess. Though the probably many things?

Why don’t we talk about this more?

Well most of the news follows the pattern of “X says Y about Brexit Deal” -

This week’s examples:

  • Barnier said no renegotiation until Parliament ratifies deal
  • Johnson says they need to renegotiate deal

  • Former PM John Major says suspending parliament to avoid votes relating to deal may be illegal and joins court case ( )
  • Corbyn says “sovereignty” should rest with people, speaking about the deal ( )
  • Trump says deal bad… (insert infinite sources…)

The words coup, sovereignty and backstop have lost all meaning, not just because of overuse - but because both sides are playing the “no accepting the terms” game and accusing each other of the same thing

“Suspending parliament is a coup”… “no the real coup is the remain weirdos and their pal Corbyn trying to pass legalisation”… I don’t see how either of these things are coups so no wonder

But then again this is nuts

PM effectively being the executive is pretty nuts and combined with a FPTP system it creates some weird power trips.

The whole Chancellor’s advisor being fired and escorted out by armed police without asking the Chancellor… The weird guy Benedict Cumberbatch played in a film once seems to be making staffing decisions now?

Other countries where the PM has effectively absolute power (in europe anyway) are much more fragmented systems like Denmark where the PM has to watch themselves somewhat because their government is much more fragile