This Hugh and Ciarán discuss the possible demise of the nightmare coalition…

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Also, have you considered Matteo Renzi?

Show Notes

Have you considered Matteo Renzi?

Timeline: - Someone in la Lega can read polls apparently (they could win 37% of the vote) - Salvini announced he was putting in a no confidence vote in his own government… after only 14 months - This day last week our pal Renzi started talking about a caretaker government - Salvini said everyone is a self interested politician other than him “Under-the-table stitch-ups, palace intrigues, technocrat or caretaker administrations will not stop Italians who want a strong government,” - Everyone got together and kicked the can down the road ( )MS5 and PD voted against no confidence. There’s going to be another on August 20th

5* didn’t realise “term” is a variable length unit apparently He got grumpy he wasn’t Prime Minister basically… He’s finding it hard potentially to bring down his own government I don’t see the technocratic government going anywhere Fun list Who knew Conte was so popular?

The Italians have that stupid bonus seats system though so Salvini is likely to be very powerful either way an election goes since they’ll still probably win The Italian left hasn’t learned any lessons from their decline…

Also there’s a strange back and forth where PD vote with la Lega on some things and 5* on others… the actual government itself doesn’t seem to agree on much

“This was apparent in the final act of the M5s-Lega government, a parliamentary dispute over the TAV high-speed rail line being built from Turin to Lyon. Since its foundation in 2009, M5s has strongly opposed TAV on both cost and environmental grounds, and after Conte said last week that the project would nonetheless be going ahead, Di Maio’s party tabled a motion in the Senate to abandon it. This failed, as the Lega made a bloc with the PD to proceed with its construction.”

Voter reform carrot

MS5 strongly wanted to decrease the number of members of parliament by half… Salvini was on board and tried to use it to get them to back elections. 5* pointed out this would take too long to also have an election soon…