This week it’s all nonsense baby, from no show debates to Andorran elections, from uncool Germany to Estonia’s very own nightmare coalition

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Show Notes

Nonsense Section

Andorran Parliamentary Election

Slovak National Party sneak in Amendment Banning Foreign national anthems

Sometimes politicians don’t read the things they vote on apparently…

Zalenskiy no-show at Debate

##Poroshenko debates empty podium after opponent’s no-show

Incumbent Petro Poroshenko was left with no one to debate but himself on Sunday after his challenger in the presidential election did not show up to a major televised face-off.

Thousands had arrived at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev to watch Poroshenko go head to head with his opponent, comedian Vladimir Zelenskiy, but according to the BBC, the pair had never agreed on the date for the event.

Zelenskiy, who beat Poroshenko in the first round of the presidential election, had called for the debate to be held at the stadium and broadcast on all TV channels, but according to the BBC, Zelenskiy had wanted to hold the debate this coming Friday, two days before the run-off vote.

Left standing alone at the podium Sunday, Poroshenko used the event to answer journalists’ questions and attack his opponent

According to Radio Free Europe, the Olympic stadium said it had also received a request to hold a debate this Friday, meaning Zelenskiy could still show up then and speak to supporters alone.

S&D notice Romanian Social Democrats are really corrupt

This took much much longer than expected. The Social Democrats have consistently been on the edge of EU investigation for their shady “reforms”… their EU friends only now notice. Maybe to avoid being called out by the EPP now they’ve gotten rid of Orban (sort of)

How does US with Turkey

##Erdogan and Putin in weapons deal incompatible with Nato

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday in Moscow discussed a deal for Turkey to purchase Russia’s S-400 air defence missile systems. The weapons are incompatible with Nato defence systems, prompting US vice president Mike Pence to warn Turkey it must choose between being a critical player in Nato “or risk the security of that partnership by making reckless decisions”.

##US to lift arms ban on Cyprus in message to Turkey

US senators have introduced a bipartisan bill to lift an arms embargo on Cyprus amid heightened tension over Russian arms. The bill authorises €5m of military aid to Cyprus and Greece after Turkey defied the US by buying a Russian-made anti-aircraft system and challenged Cyprus on rights to new gas finds in the Mediterranean. The 1987 embargo was meant to help make peace in the frozen conflict on northern Cyprus.

LePen can’t get a loan

Mildly funny. Also Melenchon too… so it’s probably not because she’s a racist - more because she can’t be trusted to pay back her debts and is constantly being fined.

German isn’t cool anymore

The reason it mattered that Germany weren’t selling weapons to the Saudis anymore was only because it wasn’t sending components to France and the UK for the purpose… they’re now excluded them so effectively they’re selling arms to the Saudis again

Estonia: coalition with far right agreed

##Estonian centre-right parties unite to form government

Former MEP Kaja Kallas’ liberal opposition party, Reform, came top in Estonia’s election last month, but a deal between the liberal Centre party, conservative EKRE and the Fatherland party has now paved the way for liberal leader Juri Ratas to continue as the Baltic state’s prime minister. Under the deal EKRE would have interior, environment, rural, trade and IT portfolios, while Fatherland would control defence, justice, foreign affairs and culture.

Spooooky Brexit

Yes yes, everyone knows there’s a Brexit extension that may or may not go until Halloween (ooooooo). The UK may have to run EU parliament elections.. which really messes up the polling and puts the S&D under 20 seats behind the EPP… so yeah left coalition fun times? Probably not, but.. eh. eh