Previously in Europe Topics. On today’s episode, we have a lighter episode of fun smaller stories to escape the horrible reality of murder and Brexit.

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Nonsense Section

Leather Face Runs for EPP

It is happening again… Berlusconi is running for the European Parliment… ( )Prediction for news in May post election - sexual harassment in Brussels is up

LeapCard can’t print fadas

Irish transport authority blames ‘technical limitation’ for lack of fadas (the diacritic found in the Irish language á é í ó ú) on Leap cards. The list of people complaining illustrates. Liam Ó Maonlaí, Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh as examples

Greek PM Tsipras wins vote of confidence

( )Was tight but 1 independent, 4 from the ANEL and one from a centrist party gave them 151 www.reuters.comThey’re planning on having the vote on the agreement on Thursday.

Macron’s ignoring ALDE apparently

Politico reports there’s not been a lot of communication between en Marche and ALDE, with the former wanting to focus on domestic candidates rather than contributing to a pan European manifesto ( )

Macron starts ‘grand debate’ tour after yellow vests protests. This will go well

French president Emmanuel Macron kicked off a two-month national debate tour on Tuesday, meeting some 600 mayors from across Normandy in the northern town of Grand Bourgtheroulde. The town hall-style discussions, announced in a six-page letter on Sunday, are meant to address issues raised by the ‘yellow vest’ protests and will be broadcast live. Police used tear gas to disperse protesters gathered outside the venue and arrested several.

Polling predicts people aren’t interested anyway ( )

Guy Verhofstadt is cool for five seconds

euobserver.comwhich is en.wikipedia.orgbut then

EUObserver reports “Verhofstadt wanted Draghi out of G30 group” which is one of those large terrible international financial organizations that are terrible. The EU ombudsmen has previously called for Draghi to be removed before due to “undue influence” but later it was revealed “Verhofstadt voted for Draghi amendment ‘by mistake’”

In response to Salvini closing ports Germany is sending people back to Italy

As Salvini continues his fun policy of letting people drown in the sea, Germany deports record number of refugees back to Italy following the Dublin agreement because nobody wants to sign a new deal… ( )Also I suspect it makes AKK and CSD very happy. This is really still only a drop in the bucket at less than 10,000 and Germany still taking proportionally more migrants than most EU countries.

A powerhouse of trade

The Faroe Islands and the UK will sign a free-trade agreement later this month to keep trade going after Brexit.

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