• Trade Wars Episode I: The Grenell Menace

    Previously in Europe, Boris Johnson. This week we discuss the Trade Wars ™️ caused by the fallout of the Iran sanctions. We also talk about Armenia, Romania, the UK and Ciarán’s new homeland Germany.

  • Is Dragnea Going to Jail?

    Previously in Europe, successful summits. This week we discuss the many mixed bags of this week’s European news.. mostly bad! We get deep on Dragnea’s conviction for corruption in Romania!

  • Ciarán's Propagandistic Misgivings: Manu and Populism

    Oh man, we’re trying something new with the solo episodes! Ciarán shares his opinions on the whole Manu situation in France and how the media constantly refers to La Lega as Populist.

  • Rajoy's a Bad Person

    Previously in Europe, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. This week we cover what we’ve missed and also we intro a new section called the Rajoy’s a Bastard Section. Professionalism!

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