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  • Deport Points Based Immigration Systems

    This week we discuss points based immigration systems and why they're not the best idea.. but more importantly why the aim of the UK's new one will not be fairness and merit.

  • Rents Gone Wild: Spring Break!

    This week we talk about the rents being out of CONTROL and how they should possibly be CONTROLLED with some sort of governmental CONTROLLING mechanism. I call it, Rent Stop Going Up Please Law.

  • Ireland Produces a Spicy Election

    This week we discuss the Irish general election 2020 and how a 2 party system has suddenly become 3 roughly equally popular parties... but all hovering below a quarter of the vote.

  • Salvini Lost, Deal with it?

    On this week's episode, we deal with the Italian Regional Elections and the idea that maybe this isn't the glimmer of hope you, the New York Times, think it is.

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