• Austrian Elections, Czech Elections, Catalonian Aftermath & Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Previously in Europe, Catalonian autonomy. On today’s episode we discuss this weekend’s Czech elections, and last weekend’s Austrian elections. We also discuss some developments around Catalonia and the tragic death of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

  • Catalan Sort of Declares Independence and Austrian Election

    Previously in Europe Nigel Farage’s gravy train. This week we return to discussing the ongoing events in Catalan surrounding their independence referendum. We also discuss the upcoming Austrian election and their probable right wing coalition. There’s a bunch of other stuff discussed but nothing that makes the title or this description.

  • Catalonian IndyRef Results, The Petry Party, Amazon back taxes, the Netherlands Government & Not News

    Previously in Europe, back taxes. On today’s episode we discuss the Catalonian Independence referendum, it’s results and aftermath. We also talk about some small things in Germany, Luxembourg, the UK, and the Netherlands who now have a government. Finally!

  • German Election, EU Tech Update, Couscous-Gate

    Previously in Europe Monsanto. This week we spend a long time discussing the German election results and the complex job they’ll have forming a new government. Having been off for a week we talk about a lot of miscellaneous EU goings on, from the return of Berlusconi to a FN member’s enjoyment of couscous, we talk about it all. We end with a EU tech news section for the first time in a while…

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