• First Round Czech Elections, Bulgarian EU Presidency & the Not News Section

    Previously in Europe, an invadable Estonia! Today we discussed a lot of the things we missed in the new year such as reactions to the new Austrian government, the Czech presidential election and the comparatively fast decline of Euronews. Also Bulgaria. What is it and where does it come from?

  • Listener Questions 2017

    Previously in Europe, answers. This week we’re answering listener questions submitted by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. We’ll be back to normal weekly shows for the second week in January.

    Thanks to all that sent us questions, we got some really good stuff! Happy new year!

  • Catalonia Elections, 2017 Recap and all the little things that happened while we were away!

    Previously in Europe, 2017! We look at the year that just happened, also we talk about Catalonia, German Coalition building and all the other things we missed while Hugh had a plague and Ciarán was in Andalucia… eating burgers and calamari

  • Polish PM Resigns, French Parliment Updates and Brexit Agreement With Caveats

    Previously in Europe, a coherent understanding of the Polish language. This week we discuss the surprise resignation of the Polish PM, Martin Schultz says some crazy stuff about federal Europe plans and Austria legalizes gay marriage (we’re pretty sure). Down south Erdogan suggests moving the Greek border further into Greece and Macron loses in the Corsican elections. We’re forced to talk some more about Brexit due to the “agreement” they’ve worked out with many many caveats…

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