• Slovenian and Slovakian PM Resignations! Also Russian Assassinations

    Previously in Europe, Prime Ministers. This week we discuss the ongoing corruption scandal rocking Slovakia with multiple resignations this week. Slovenia’s prime minister also resigned but for far less interesting reasons. Russia probably assassinated an ex KGB agent and his fiancée in the UK which has gotten everyone a bit angry, thought maybe not with the right people, who knows. Le Pen thinks we’ll forget about the FN’s terrible past if they change their name… which well maybe some people will…

  • Czech Protests, Slovak Snap Elections, Italian Election Results & Internal EU Affairs

    Previously in Europe, US Steel. This week we discuss the Italian election results, as well as the Armenian presidential election and some of the goings-on in Catalonian government. We also talk about some internal EU stuff, Czech protests and a possible Slovakian snap election.

  • Conversations With Europe, Italian Election and Snow

    Previously in Europe, Spring. This week we discuss the tense situation that is the Italian election happening on Sunday. We have a good chat about internal EU democracy spurred on by the promotion of Selmeyr from Junker’s chief of staff.

    We’re very happed to have an interview with Rebecca Morris-Buck the creator of the Conversations with Europe blog discussing the project and the EU-related twitterverse.

  • Italy's Road to Election, SPD starts voting for or not for GroKo, Juncker's Federal Europe and Putin's Cold

    Previously in Europe, Putin? This week Ciarán does a solo episode running down briefly some of the news from around Europe. Mostly just the upcoming election, which will be intense.

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